Do You Remember

Do you remember? Do you recall the place you first did come to call?

Sitting, as you were, just out of lines sight in that small cafe with its candlelight.

 When at first our eyes did meet I knew that this was right.

 I will never forget your eyes that night.

Do you remember do you recall the South that early Fall?

 The paddleboats on the pond and us talking away the hours of days long gone.

 Down on your knee did you first promise yourself to me.

 I will never forget that day under the Spanish moss of the old live oak tree.

Do you remember do you recall our first Christmas where we decked the halls?

The tree in its corner draped with little lights, treasured memories and

garlands of beads hanging from every branch. The Angel of gold and lace had its place.

 A Christmas Eve of cheers untold.

 I will never forget watching the fire embers die and having you to hold.

Do you remember do you recall any of this, any of this at all?

Copyright 2014 Timothy D. Nielsen All Rights Reserved